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5610 Silverado Way, Ste. A6, Anchorage, AK 99518
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Best known for
PTSD trauma recovery; couples counseling; teen issues
Workshops on domestic violence, rape awareness, emotional healing, and Stage 2 Recovery

 What Bruce Bibee Counseling Does

Bruce Bibee Counseling (BBC) specializes in Stage 2 Recovery. In addiction theory, there are four stages of recovery from addiction: Stage 0 is when the addict is in an active addiction; Stage 1 is when the addict gets clean and sober; Stage 2 is when the addict uncovers what s/he was medicating against; Stage 3 is when the addict begins doing his/her Higher Purpose. Stage 2 recovery is broken into four distinct phases: 1) developing emotional self-responsibility; 2) cancelling the emotional contracts that create codependency; 3) family of origin work; and 4) inner child work. BBC takes recovering people through the journey of Stage 2 recovery and into Stage 3.

History of Bruce Bibee Counseling

Founded in 1987, BBC addressed the growing need within the Anchorage community for Stage 2 recovery counseling based on a recovery (e.g., 12-Step) model. Bruce Bibee had been working as a domestic violence counselor since 1985, and had been working in sexual assault prevention and recovery since 1976. By establishing his own business, he freed himself up to do the kind of work that he felt was lacking within the mainstream model. From 1987 to 1994, BBC was the contractor for Fort Richardson's Family Advocacy Program's Domestic Violence Intervention and Education Program. In 1994 and 1995, he presented at the Alaska State Judicial Conferences on domestic violence and treatment options for violent offenders. Other workshops include rural communities, social service agencies and government agencies. He has self-published a number of books on recovery, the "teen problem," and the deep healing process.

Bruce Bibee, MTP

Bruce Bibee has a Masters of Transpersonal Psychology. His master's thesis was entitled: An Exploration of Spiritual Warriorship and its Applications. The thesis is a study of the "right use of power" as the final definition of spiritual warriorship. His approach to counseling and consulting stresses the healing of one's potential so that one's personal power can be reclaimed and developed. Once developed, however, the commitment to the "right use of power" must be made. This philosophy underpins all of what BBC stands for. Bruce is an State of Alaska, Licensed Professional Counselor (license #206), and a Supervisor for LPCs in training.